The 2019 growing season will be Teal Tractor's 5th year serving it's CSA customers!


Our Mission

Teal Tractor CSA practices sustainability and conservation on our land. Our farmland is precious and very limited. We believe a healthy living soil is the key to growing nutritious vegetables so we focus on composting, no-till and cover-cropping to sustain the micro-organisms and organic matter in our fields. Many of our products are organically grown, although we are NOT certified organic. We are feeding our own families the food we grow, therefore believe it to be very important to employ practices that we know to be extremely safe and healthy for both ourselves and our consumers. We grow about 20 different varieties of vegetables and some fruits and herbs, all of which you can enjoy as they come into season.

We aim to produce a supreme quality, freshness and flavor in our produce. We've designed a model for diversified, sustainable, small-scale community supported agriculture through responsible stewardship of the land. We respect the soil, water and air through conservative methods of growing, by conserving water and by reducing emissions into the air.

We hope to learn, practice and preserve some of the knowledge that our veteran farmers and farms provide. We recognize the need for farmers who are truly in love with farming and family farm life who wish to be responsible stewards of the land as much as they wish to be responsible stewards to their community.


Teal Tractor CSA is an effort to further diversify our produce operation fueled by love and a passion to positively impact our community.

This passion has grown stronger thanks to KJ’s encouraging husband who has been farming for 25+ years, not to mention the five generations behind him. The James family is building a legacy together and making a difference as stewards of the land, cultivated with faith, family and friends.

Walnut Lawn Farm was founded in 1842, located on the fringes of Lexington in Fayette County. Today we grow row crops such as tobacco, hemp, corn & soybeans, work a cow/calf operation, and serves as the home of Teal Tractor CSA.

Pesticide Use

We incorporate conventional and organic practices on our farm. As is the same with many organic and conventional operations in this country, we more often than not, avoid the use of chemicals on our produce. It’s no secret that both organic and conventional farmers use pesticides but, for the most part, organic growers use natural pesticides rather than synthetic chemicals. Under federal law, natural pesticides are allowed in the USDA organic program, whereas most synthetic pesticides are not permitted. While many organic growers strive to use fewer pesticides overall, consistent with the guiding principles of organic agriculture, it would be inaccurate to describe organic food as pesticide-free.

On organic and conventional farms, chemical use and practices are highly regulated and researched, and our farm follows the instruction of professionals from research institutions when resorting to any form of diagnostic protection plan. (Think: if you’re sick and go to the doctor to figure out what’s wrong and how to remedy the issue.) We live in the United States of America, where we have the safest food system in the world and so much credible research to drive decisions out in the field.  We are also quite fortunate to have so many choices in our food in this country and as a consumer, you get to choose what you put on your plate.

We have chosen a stance to share a clear picture of our farm and practices. We choose not to blur the lines with popular marketing terms that we believe only add more confusion to consumers, leaving them questioning their food choices even more.  Come visit the farm and talk to us, you’ll always have a seat at our table!

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
— Thomas Jefferson
Katie James

HI Y'ALL! I'm Katie JameS

I'm the Farmer behind Teal Tractor. I live & work in Lexington with my family and I wear many hats - wife, friend, designer, farmer, and mom to two cute pups!

I love giving back & I find joy in being grateful. 

  • Curious, Passionate & Creative Thinker.

  • Part of a growing farm family of 6 generations.

  • My favorite crop is sweet cherry tomatoes!