As a member of a family that works hard in the agriculture community - we think it is something quite special.
See if our CSA experience is right for you!


Do you love local, fresh, seasonal foods?

All of the vegetables, fruit, and herbs arrive within days of harvest. Fresh food means more nutritious food that lasts longer in your refrigerator and tastes better. Connecting with your farmers & local agriculture is important too! We grow the food. Knowing your farmer means that you know what’s happening on the farm, and you gain knowledge on how your food grows. When we partner with other farms, like Clark Farms, we surround ourselves with great, hard working farmers in Lexington, benefiting the Ag community.

ARE You a creative cook?

We make it easy! We will publish a newsletter detailing what's in your share, offering recipes that utilize the week's offerings and updating you on farm events. There will be a lot of great pictures to share too!


We try and compare our prices for all-natural, locally grown produce with market prices. Our fresh, high quality surpasses what you buy in the store and supporting local agriculture helps our community. However, by buying in bulk, CSA members receive a discount on market prices.

If every Kentucky family spent just 10 percent of its food dollars on Kentucky Proud items, that would generate more than $500 million to Kentucky farms and agriculture-related businesses. That would have a tremendous impact on the economy in every corner of the Commonwealth, rural as well as urban. Just as important, Kentuckians would eat more fresh, nutritious food, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the miles their food travels.
— James Comer, Agriculture Commissioner

What We'RE HOPING TO Achieve

  • Your support of a specific, local farm
  • Providing you fresh & nutritious food
  • Inexpensive and high quality produce
  • An interactive, personable experience from farm to table
  • Lots of fun & surprises throughout the season